Modernization of gob shield of longwall powered roof support


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gob shield
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Longwall powered roof supports have been used to protect mine workings for over 70 years. Their design and especially technological parameters, have evolved significantly. These changes were dictated, on the one hand, by the need to meet the growing functional requirements and, on the other hand, by the increasingly difficult natural operating conditions. Conditions of interaction of the roof support with the surrounding rocks, which determine not only operational safety, also impact of the structural form of the roof support and its assemblies. Powered roof support is an important part of the longwall system, not only separating the working area of the longwall panel from the rocks forming the roof and the caving, but also ensuring the advance of the longwall system as the longwall advances and realization of each operation of the technological cycle. The need to meet these functional requirements means that technical factors such as: the method of managing the roof of the working, height of the wall, its inclination, the method of mining and the planned advancement of the wall significantly impacts the structural form and technical parameters of the roof support. The main purpose of this article is to present the method of modernization of a gob shield which is a part a powered longwall roof support.

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