Optimization of the topology of the structural component of a magnetic robot


CAD systems
topology optimization
shape generator
Autodesk Inventor


The article focuses on topology optimization using the Finite Element Method (FEM) in the context of mechanical design and structural engineering. The analysis was based on a robot arm component, which is important for minimising its mass due to the way it moves on steel structures such as mining shaft towers. FEA simulations of the non-optimized workpiece were carried out, followed by iterative mass reduction of the workpiece by editing its geometry. Two approaches were compared: manual weight reduction by the designer and topology optimization using the Shape Generator. The presented results answer the question posed in the introduction whether topology optimization using the Shape Generator can yield better results than manual optimization based on the engineering intuition of an experienced designer. The paper also answers the question of at which stage of design it is better to use tools such as the shape generator. It is confirmed that topology optimization can significantly reduce the weight of the designed component, which is important especially for structures subject to special requirements, such as in the case of equipment used in mining. The authors describe what the effectiveness of the optimization may depend on.

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