Concept of new water tank for dust collecting equipment controlling the dust hazard
Mining Machines, (2024) Vol. 42, Issue 1


dust collection
dust removal


The article reviews the water reservoirs currently in use, working with wet-type dust collection devices. A shortcoming of current water systems is the problem of waste formation in the form of sludge with a relatively high water content. The article presents the concept and directions of further development of the device, in the context of the treatment of water discharged from the dust collection device, operating in a closed circuit, and the impact of proper operation on the efficiency of the dust collection device, affecting the protection of the upper respiratory tract of workers who are in the area of increased dustiness. The use of a special design of the bottom of the tank makes it possible to separate the resulting pollution and direct it towards a drain hole or an inspection window. An important advantage of the presented solution is its modular design, which allows to adapt the development of the tank in conditions of limited space, and the way of its location and movement.

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